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All junior members of Witney Hockey Club are required to complete this registration form and pay membership fees. All details will be kept in a secure database with access restricted to authorised officers only.

Please also fill out the form if your child is going to use the 2 week free trial. It's imperative the form is filled out for all juniors at training so we have emergency contact details. 

Juniors are ineligible for league hockey until registration and payment is received.

Players are classed as our juniors if they are under the age of 18 on the 1st September. 


Existing Junior Member: £100.00

Family Discount Member: £85.00

£15 discount per additional immediate family member. Please fill out a new form per member. For family discount enquiries, please use the general contact form and select 'Treasurer' under 'Type of Enquiry'. 

Post-Christmas Junior Member: £50.00

Please use the junior contact form if you have not yet joined the club.

Parents looking to pay for their child’s membership after their free trial, please email Lucy Regan by filling out the junior contact form. She will be back in touch. 


During this form you will be asked to make a bank transfer of the membership fees to our club bank account.

Please ensure you have these facilities ready before starting to fill out the form. 


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